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Idea Architecture was founded in 2006 and started its design activities. Since the date they were founded, they have been producing on different scales of design. Sometimes the organization of an industrial field, sometimes the design of management areas, and sometimes the design of an object.

Idea Architecture tries to define the customer as an end user at all times in the designs it produces. The end user is involved in the creation of data in design, as a stakeholder in the developing and continuing design process. In this process, the space plastic is executed together with the physical, functional and motivational needs of the end user. The physical conditions in which each design is involved are handled according to the end user’s demands. Idea Architecture uses the industrial and social developments related to the subject as inputs in the design process. The designs that appear as products are each specific to their own situation and demands.

Every design, from the outset, has transformed the abstract needs into concrete spaces with the excitement of different experiences, making it the duty of the end user to feel that he is breathing in a specially designed work. To have sustainable qualities in accordance with the environmental / natural conditions in the work; it was the biggest opportunity to proceed with care from the beginning of the design until the end of the process.

In every design, user satisfaction, space – individual relation and related feedbacks are followed for the related rehabilitations and designs in the following period by taking the necessary notes regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

Idea Architecture team, as Mimar Sinan said, has become a habit of “doing every project with feeling”.


Yasemin Karadeniz / Partner
Yasemin Karadeniz / PartnerYasemin@ideamimarlik.net
Batur Uğur / Designer
Batur Uğur / Designerbatur@ideamimarlik.net
Yücel Karadeniz / Founding Partner
Yücel Karadeniz / Founding Partneryucel@ideamimarlik.net
Özge Cörüt / Designer
Özge Cörüt / Designerozge@ideamimarlik.net
Bircan Sümer / Site Chief
Bircan Sümer / Site Chiefbircan@ideamimarlik.net
Cansu Yılmaz / Administrative Assistant
Cansu Yılmaz / Administrative Assistantcansu@ideamimarlik.net